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Breakthrough Growth with AI Learning and Evolution.

Change becomes your playground.

Our partnership infuses your business with the curiosity, inspiration and agility needed to survive and thrive. 

AI Services


Empower your team with AI knowledge through our concise workshops. Our AI Empowerment Programs are crafted to simplify AI to generate innovation and operational excellence within your workforce.

Productivity Integration

Transform your operations with our AI Integration & Automation services. We deliver streamlined AI solutions that boost efficiency and innovation, ensuring your business stays ahead.

Marketing Solutions

Boost your brand with our AI-Powered Marketing Innovations. Utilizing advanced AI and analytics, we create targeted strategies and content that enhance customer engagement and deliver results.

AI Evolution Architects

Training, Automation, and Consulting for the Future.

Coming Soon...

AI Empowerment for Real Estate

AI Empowerment for HR


Best Training I’ve Done in Years


"This training was the best training I’ve attended in years.  Lauralee takes you through ChatGPT and other AI with real, applicable examples.  She starts with the basics and then shows some of the ways it can be used in more advanced ways.  In the 3 hours, I came up with a dozen ways this could improve my workflows, efficiency, and business in general.  I look forward to putting these learnings into action, and then take the next course if there is one to continue to learn and be at the forefront of AI.


There is no question.  This course is a MUST take."


Pamela Pearson

Director of Internal Operations

Past President – Kelowna Chamber of Commerce

Lauralee Guthrie

Managing Director

Empowering Businesses with Future Trends and Strategies

Lauralee is a skilled Marketing & Sales leader with 15 years of experience in digital transformation. As a successful entrepreneur, she has built and sold several companies. She has shared her knowledge on global stages in nine countries, and is now driven by her excitement for AI and its impact. Lauralee is dedicated to helping businesses stay ahead by embracing future trends and strategies in a human-centered, ethical way.

Michael Rompa

Great intro to AI, going to change how we do some of our basic tasks and free our team members up to work on more interesting projects."

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