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21,000+ Marketers at Inbound Conference in Boston 2017

The Inbound Marketing Conference was inspiring. What a great opportunity to get together with thousands of marketers and share ideas, strategies and tactics all geared towards helping clients authentically grow their business by being helpful to consumers. The energy and excitement was constant and the caliber of speakers was high.

Top 3 Themes of the Conference

  1. Messaging and Chatbots

  2. Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

  3. Mobile

Messaging and Chatbots

One of the areas of excitement that a lot of people are talking about is the growth of messenger apps as a new communication channel to connect with your prospects and customers.

Messaging Apps Have More Active Users Than Social Networks

Global active monthly users for the top 4 Messaging Apps have outpaced the big 4 Social Networks in monthly active users. Why wouldn’t we engage with our prospects and customers in the channels they are already using?

WhatsApp. Messenger. Wechat. Viber.


Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. LinkedIn.


Chatbots with Machine Learning

There is an opportunity to both scale and personalize your outreach through a mix of messenger and chatbots. There are literally hundreds of companies sprouting up that provide a chatbot, but not all of them have the more advanced AI and machine learning built in so it is important to understand the full offering before picking a chatbot technology partner.

One of the most common uses is pairing a facebook page with a chatbot to help quickly direct prospects to the right information or even a product to purchase through messenger.

The chatbot can also help you start to build a stronger relationship with your prospect or customer through surveys, valuable content and more.


Account-Based Marketing

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a targeted approach to marketing based on an account, or a company, rather than an individual buyer. The terminology itself brings marketers closer to a sales aligned way of thinking since sales are used to managing “accounts” vs the more marketing centric terminology of “leads.”

ABM strategies enable marketers to work next to the sales team and create a highly personalized approach to a handful of accounts. These are often strategies to help engage and delight existing customers to increase retention rates by providing personalized, relevant content and targeted offers.



Mobile traffic continues to rise. Today, over 50% of Google searches come from mobile phones and some industries are rising faster than others including health mobile search at 68% and food searches at 72%.  

Google’s mobile first index is on the way.

What does that mean for websites that aren’t built for mobile? Any website that is built for mobile will appear before you, no matter how well you are optimized. So if you don’t have a mobile site, your ranking will drop significantly.

In fact, today, over 50% of our queries come from mobile phones.  And the queries in color you see behind me are voice queries.  In the US, on our mobile app in Android, one in five qeuries – 20% of our queries – are voice queries and that share is growing.

Mobile and Voice Search

In a presentation from Tom Shapiro, Futurist at Stratabeat, we learned that in the US, one in five queries are voice queries and that is predicted to move from 20% to 50% within 15 months, by 2019.

Since voice searches are more conversational, the keywords that will be important will be using more of a natural language style and will start to become longer.

Questions will become even more common than they are today. A great tip is to start listening to your customer service reps to see what type of language customers are using when they call in.

These will become your next search terms, especially if there are tied to the five W’s. Once you have identified the most important questions, you can develop individual pages around these specific queries so Google will be able to give your prospects or customers immediate answers.

You can almost look at Google as your Tier 1 customer service agent who can send more prospects and customers your way.

Reach out to us to see what your company can do to prepare for these changes.

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

“Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that aligns with your customers interest to naturally attract people to your brand and product.”

Traditional outbound marketing is quickly dying. The days of cold calling and interruptive marketing tactics now carry the risk of annoying your customers and hurting your brand.

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

At the core is a shift to respecting customers and giving them value through meaningful content and resources.

Our ability to group people with similiar interests, demographics and behaviours is astounding. It has never been this granular.

You are only limited by your creativity to reach the people that make up your tribe. Do you have a group of customers that like to read Stephen King, work as a developer in IT and are between the ages of 25 and 35 and live in New York City?

With machine learning channels like facebook are now starting to predict what type of people will resonate with your content and brand.

What makes up an effective Inbound Marketing Strategy?



The search engines take your  geographic focus, quality of your content and the engagement on your site and hundreds of other factors into consideration in order to determine how to rank your website.

The importance of mobile search optimization factors, app stores, targeted advertising related to search intent and now even voice search are all considerations when building a strong foundation to ensure people can find you when they are searching for you.



Social media channels are constantly evolving and are changing the way we interact and communicate with each other. The opportunities to find and build engagement and influence with your customers have grown exponentially.


Marketing Automation

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your customer. One of your most valuable assets as an organization is your email list but it isn’t valuable if you aren’t using it effectively. By setting up advanced automation flows that nurture and convert your audience, you will grow your business.



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